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One example of my illustrations is the company logo, shovelnose sturgeon (Scaphirynchus platorynchus) prepared for the 'Fishes of Pennsylvania and the Northeastern United States' in 1983. Other examples from that book are madtom pectoral fin spines and cyprinodontid teeth (below).

The following examples of fish larvae are from my dissertation on muskellunge and northern pike development, which contains a series from fertilization of eggs to juveniles A pdf is available, look under Publications, Fish.

Muskellunge 17.5mm

Northern pike 13.5mm

The greater redhorse suckers shown below are from a study by Bunt and Cooke, 2004.

Examples of adult fish shown below are from the book "Island Life, An Isle Royale Nature Guide", which contains 23 species.


Pink salmon


Examples of logos

AFS Symposium 1: "Common Strategies of Anadromous and Catadromous Fishes"

North Carolina Chapter, American Fisheries Society